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Praetorium is a small community of talented students in Computer Science from the best Polish universities. They have been pre-screened by us and are available for hire.
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Our students come from:

How does Praetorium work?

1. Browse our full list of students.

Praetorium provides the quality of student talent for any company size and any tech stack or environment.

2. Get in touch with your favorite candidates.

You can choose which students you find the most promising and contact them directly, without any middle-man.

3. Make final interviews with your candidate.

Our candidates are pre-screened, so you only need to do one or two interviews to make sure (s)he is a perfect fit.

4. The student becomes part of your team.

You are hiring a talent that will become great tomorrow.

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Why use Praetorium?

To grow faster, you need talented engineers. Praetorium gives you access to great candidates who are actively looking for new opportunities and would be very hard to find otherwise. Don't waste time searching through the jungle of Computer Science students, we have already pre-screened the best for you.
Our students are looking for full-time jobs, part-time jobs and internships.

How much does it cost?

Signing up for the platform and viewing candidates (with blacked out contact details) is free. You have two payments options:

  • Option 1: You pay nothing to get the contact details, and in the case where the candidate gets successfully hired, we charge 10% of the annual salary on the candidate's job start date.
  • Option 2: You pay upfront a one-time fee of 200PLN per candidate to get his contact details, no matter whether there's a hire or not at the end.

Where do you find candidates?

The co-founders of Praetorium are students from Polish universities. We organize meetups within the universities, go directly to Computer Science classes, talk to the students to inform them about Praetorium. A lot of them know us through word of mouth from people who have had a great experience with us.

How do I get accepted to the platform?

In order to be accepted you should be able to pay market salaries, have an internal tech team, and work on products our candidates will find interesting to contribute to. Once you sign up, we will quickly review your company, and if everything is okay, we'll give you access to our students within 24 hours.

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The Praetorium network includes students across a very wide array of software development languages and technologies.